Since 2018, we have specialized in attracting investments for startups, assisting young and promising projects in finding their niche in the market. Our expertise and professionalism led us to begin developing our own products in 2020, with standout creations like BACKBAR, ONETASK, and DATALORIAN.

In 2023, riding the wave of success and growth, we expanded our horizons by venturing into the outsourcing domain. Our team of 30 highly skilled professionals is proficient in technologies such as Python, React, Next, Go, and PostgreSQL. We actively incorporate artificial intelligence in our development processes, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

Over the years, we have successfully executed projects across various sectors, including HEALTHTECH, EDTECH, SOCIALTECH, AI, BLOCKCHAIN, and FINTECH. Our ability to take a startup from a mere idea and guide it through all stages, up to attracting investors, makes us an indispensable partner for many companies.

Our team is our greatest asset. Many of us have been working together for years, fostering an unparalleled atmosphere of trust and professionalism. With offices located in Europe and the Balkans, we are strategically positioned to be closer to our clients and partners.

We take pride in our participation in social programs and actively support the community by sponsoring various meetups. Our mission is not only to create outstanding technological solutions but also to contribute to societal advancement.